The US is known for its world-class universities, diverse culture and employment opportunities. We offer services for High School, Bachelor and Masters applicants.

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Choose Canada for a warm welcome and post-graduation opportunities. We assist high school, bachelor's, and master's degree applicants with university selection, applications, and visas.


If you're seeking a quality education in the heart of Europe, Belgium is the ideal choice. We provide services for both Bachelor's and Master's degree applicants.

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Germany's renowned education system, strong economy, and diverse culture make it a top choice for international students. We assist Master's degree applicants.


Hungary is a rising international study destination known for affordable tuition, vibrant culture, and academic excellence. We assist Bachelor's and Master's degree applicants.

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Ireland's friendly atmosphere, strong education, and rich culture make it ideal for a multicultural experience.

What makes us unique

We support our students in winning outside scholarships by guiding them in essay writing and interview preparation.

Maraki is renowned for its personalized visa coaching and support.

We do not charge advance fees for processing your application. All payments are made after you have received our service.

All of our clients receive free English test preparation and testing.

Maraki is accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Trade Office.

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